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Adding API details to PayPal modules in PrestaShop.

Time for another video for all you PrestaShop 1.6 users out there. This time I'm going to explain how to set up your PrestaShop ecommerce store so that you can use PayPal to process payments. In the video I'll set out how to add signature details, your password and account API credentials to the payment modules. The version we're using is for the EU, USA and Canada.

We've taken the time to fully transcribe the video tutorial so if you want to check out the transcription then just scroll down below the video and click on 'transcript'. I hope you find the video tutorial useful and if you have any questions or comments then please get in touch via - [email protected].




Hi, welcome to a new tutorial for How to Prestashop. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at how to obtain your API credentials from PayPal to enable you to use the USA and EU PayPal modules within Prestashop. And for that matter, any other ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Magenta would require the same API details to be able to use your Paypal payments on your website.

Time – 0m:35s.

I’m showing you the USA/Canada module, but the EU module is fairly similar for Paypal and both of them ask for API username, API password and your API signature. So we’re going to take a quick look at your Paypal account and I’ll show you how to obtain these details.

So, if we go to a Paypal account at the top here (see screen), you’ve got all these options, but you don’t need any of those. The one we’re looking to go to is your Paypal profile and if you click this one here (see screen), you get presented with two more options and the one we need is the ‘Profile and Settings’ option.

Time – 1m:05s.

This takes you through to another screen with four more options and the options we need here is ‘My Selling Preferences’ (see screen), so if we click that (see screen), it takes us through to a list of options and the option we need is the ‘API Access and Configuration’. So we simply click ‘update’ (see screen) which takes us through to a screen where we need to request our API credentials.

Time – 1m:38s.

Click that one (see screen) and that takes us through to the final screen and what we need is — we don’t need the API certificate, we need the API signature so if we go back to the module, here is the API signature (see screen) we require. Simply highlight that option, agree to that option and the system then presents you with your signature.

Time – 2m:08s.

Obviously, this is our own (see screen) and we won't be showing you this, but if you click the ‘show options’ (see screen) on all of those three boxes, ‘Your Username’, ‘Password’ and ‘Signature’, simply copy the details and then paste those three fields into your Username, Password and Signature.

Time – 2m:30s.

Obviously, the signature here is your signature here (see screen) and your API password is the API password here and the API usersname refers to your API username at the top here (see screen). Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to save the module and take payments through your ecommerce shop using the Paypal checkout.

[End of transcript]

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