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How to change the order of products in the categories of your PrestaShop 1.6 store.

If you are looking for a simple way of reorganising the products and categories in your PrestaShop 1.6 store then take a look at the latest video in our How To series. The tutorial takes just over three minutes to get through so watching it is quicker than making a cup of tea!

Once you've watched the video if there are any questions or comments then please leave a comment in the section below the video. As with all our videos there is a full transcript (below) with helpful time breaks to make it easier to follow. Final thing... if the video does the trick then don't forget to share it. Thanks.

Video transcript.

Speaker: Hi, and welcome to another How to PrestaShop Tutorial. Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can reorder your products within the categories of your PrestaShop store. So if we look at the test store here (see screen), and we go to our women’s category, we can see that all the products, which are associated with this category. And what we want to do within this exercise is make our blouse, the last product within this category (see screen) and our printed summer dress (see screen), the first product within this category.

Time – 0m: 30s.

So what we need to do is simply go to our catalogue and our products, and rather than view all the products at once, we need to filter by category.

If we click this button here on the top left (see screen), we then see all the categories within the system. Then we can actually view each of the categories and the products contained within them. So if we click the women’s category (see screen), we can now see all of the products within the women’s category, we can now see all of the products within the women’s category. And as you can see (see screen), the black blouse is the first product and the printed summer dress is down here near the bottom, and we want to change that order.

Time – 1m: 05s.

So what we’d need to do is simply click and hold the product and move it to the position we would like it to be in. So we have our black blouse as the last product and our printed summer dress as the first product (see screen). We want this order here (see screen) to be reflected in the front office as well, so when we go back to the front office, we can see the products in the order they’re in at the moment (see screen) and if we refresh the screen, we should see them in the order we’ve created here (see screen).

But before we do that, we need to check one other setting within the system which will override this and that’s within the layered navigation module. If we go to this module, there’s a setting here (see screen) which we need to turn off.

Time – 1m:52s.

Once inside the module, you’ll see the setting here (see screen) which is ‘show products from sub-categories’. Now, this overrides our order within the back office within our category because what it does is it actually pulls in all the products within the sub-categories of women. So within women, we’ve got the tops category and the dresses category (see screen), and this is pulling in all the products within all of those categories, so it upsets our order in the back office and overrides the order we just set.

Time – 2m:23s.

If we turn this off, and we no longer show products from sub-categories, what we should see when we refresh the page is the order we just created within the back office (see screen). So we have our blouse as the last product and our printed summer dresses as the first product which is exactly the same as the order we set here (see screen) within the back office.

Time – 2m:47s.

So to reorder all of your products, simply drag and drop. Also, make sure within the layered navigation, you’ve disabled the ‘show other products’ from sub-category setting, and it’s as simple as that. Just drag and drop the order you wish your product you wish to appear in the front office.

I hope that’s been useful; a quick tutorial and we’ll see you on the next one.

[End of transcript]

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