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PrestaShop abandoned carts – Reasons, solution and module. 

Have you ever asked the question "why are PrestaShop customers abandoning their shopping carts without proceeding to the checkout?".

We will answer this question as well as discussing what modules PrestaShop is equipped with to follow up abandoned carts with automated emails. Thus enticing customers back to complete their  abandoned carts and orders.

Scenario: 'A customer adds an item/s to their cart, then proceeds to the checkout and signs up and registers...... but they never actually proceed to payment and complete the order'.

These PrestaShop scenario customers are recorded and viewable in PrestaShop -  ADMIN/CUSTOMERS/SHOPPING CARTS, and would be classed as 'Abandoned Carts/Orders'

Below is an example from the admin panel (ADMIN/CUSTOMERS/SHOPPING CARTS) of a customer who completed an order, plus a customer who registered but never proceeded to the final payment screen (in e-commerce speak "an abandoned cart").


Example 1 = Completed Sale

Example 2 = Abandoned cart

Note: The 'trash can/rubbish bin' symbol is still visible next to PrestaShop abandoned cart/order.

Reasons for abandoned carts:

OK, so now we can view from this page all abandoned carts, this gives a great picture of how often this is happening in your store. So why could this be happening, well here's a list of possible reasons, but there could be others.

(Please comment below if you have any other examples or reasons, share your knowledge).

  • No SSL secure certificate during the checkout process
  • Site goes down/ loads to slowly/sticks or freezes
  • Checkout process is to long/complicated
  • Customer is put off by the payment gateway you use (people still have reservations about PayPal or unfamiliar branded payment gateways)
  • Customer is called away or is distracted from completing their order
  • Customer continues their Internet search and finds your item cheaper elsewhere
  • You are asking to many personal details (no guest checkout)


Some of the above issue can be easily rectified for instance :-

  • Use a onepage checkout option and guest checkout, make the checkout process quick and easy
  • Make sure you have a SSL certificate installed
  • Make sure you are competitive on price, always check out the competition
  • Purchase the best possible server you can afford to avoid glitches and slow loading times


Some of the other reasons are just not possible to avoid, but the fewer you have the better chances of a complete order and less abandoned carts.

Next, let's look at what PrestaShop modules there are installed to follow up the abandoned carts and orders, converting these customers into sales.

PrestaShop 'Customer follow-up module'.

Customer follow-up v1.0 by PrestaShop

The PrestaShop 'Customer Follow-up module' is pre-installed with every 'out of the box' PrestaShop installation.

It can be found here:


Once you have located this PrestaShop Module, click the 'configure' prompt below the module description, which will then take you to the screen pictured below:



The box we need to look at in this module (pictured above) referring to 'abandoned carts'/'cancelled carts' is labelled 'Cancelled carts' as highlighted.

Within 'Cancelled carts' the following three labeled options need to be filled in:

1) 'Enabled' or disabled option - enable needs to be 'ticked'

2) 'Discount amount' option - this is how much discount (as a %) you want to offer the customer against their cancelled order, if they come back and finish/complete the order

3) 'Discount validity' option - enter the length of time (in day's) that the customer gets to spend this voucher/discount before it becomes invalid.

Also below the above options is a total labelled 'Next process will send:' showing the number of e-mails which will be sent on this occasion. So basically it shows how many abandoned carts and customers are ready to receive a discount offer.

So what happens next:  fill in the discount amount that you want to give away. Don't be to tight, you do want to prompt the customer to return, make them an offer they cant refuse!. Then set the discount validity, we recommend no more than 14 - 30 days. Once you have done this take a look at the top of the form and you will see a URL address like this:

http://www.yourwebsite.co.uk/modules/followup/cron.php?secure_key=OOKYYRJYXBZX71QW   - See the above image.

Copy and paste this address/URL into your browser and then press return. This will activate the "cron job" on your site and automatically send the e-mails to the relevant customers.

If it has been successful you will see on the right hand site the image below:




This shows 'S' = number of e-mails sent / 'U' = number of discount vouchers used, and the date you activated the e-mail module.

Return to this periodically, and if an offer has been used against an order you will see the 'U' will have a number below it.

You will also see in the sales invoice/order details the voucher code used and the discount applied to each order.


So to conclude, each customer who abandons any order (**only if they have signed up and registered their details**) at the checkout stage, can be sent a discount voucher code.  That they can use against the total value of the abandoned order.

I hope that this helps in explaining the possible causes of abandoned carts in PrestashPrestaShopop and how to solve some of the issues. Please post your comments below as they are always welcome.

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