The technology and industry knowledge that Data-Path use is truly impressive, but they needed a brand identity and website to match.

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“We have worked with Teapot on a multitude of projects, including new website, rebrand, vehicle signwriting and analytics, and have found them to always provide innovative, first-class thinking.”



Graphic Design.



One aspect of the Data-Path brand that has been present since day one is the continuous movement of data and technology – always flowing, always changing. With that in mind, we created an amorphous graphic that could be used onscreen and in print. Something that would make every view or visit unique. This took the form of a video and individual frames that could be used across printed brand assets and a coded header background that would load quickly and cleanly.

The wordmark and icon use a bespoke font created especially for the client, representing the flow of information and the miles of cable they use everyday.