Digital Somerset

This CIC is in place to educate, engage and connect the South West to further digital innovation within the region and turn it into a technological hub.

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“The brand and website had to be cutting edge in look and experience. They even animated our logo as an extra little touch which they then incorporated into our Mailchimp design.”


Graphic Design.


Nobody knows exactly what tomorrow brings digitally, but we can aim to be at the leading edge of it and in our complete re-brand and revamp of Digital Somerset, we aimed to ensure this. With that in mind, our brand response was a simple one; intrigue both the experts and the newbies alike while future proofing the identity of Digital Somerset for growth.

The new website is predominantly a source of information so the design needed to be befitting of clear communication. This freed us up to experiment elsewhere on the site, designing dynamic and interactive coded elements. We used code (specifically MiniGL) to generate the background in order for it to be used on the website itself and keep a quick load time. Videos are slow to load and also very difficult to ensure a smooth loop transition which is why we went in another direction. Plus, if we ever need to change the colour it’s much simpler than producing a brand new video.

We also provide the client with full digital marketing services that includes: SEO, social media management, mailchimp newsletter campaign creation and more.