Open Mental Health

Open Mental Health is an exciting community venture that was launched with the help of our integrated team. Mental Health organisations from across Somerset have come together to provide 24/7 support to people living with mental health issues to form this community activation. Teapot was asked to come up with the entire brand identity, website and the ongoing print work.

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Graphic Design.


Initially we did a discovery phase – which included looking at other mental health organisations and charities and also some of our early ideas. We presented this to the alliance and after some discussion it gave us a clear way forward. Our branding projects are all about collaboration; it is important to us that our clients feel included and involved every step of the way.

We decided on creating something simple but punchy for the name and logo that would encompass the look and feel of the concept behind it. The word ‘open’ has a multitude of meanings behind it. It can represent the opportunity to speak about something you might be struggling with. It is an open door for those of us in trouble. It denotes being open 24/7 and that there will always be someone to listen.

The stylised speech bubble of the logo represents the start of conversations and the open space around it is about the readiness to listen and support. It was created to be welcoming and warm. With the use of a lot of sunflower yellow, combined with strong black text and simple clear messaging; the brand is eye-catching and commands attention visually in both digital and print format.