Wilkie May & Tuckwood

Wilkie May & Tuckwood are an estate agent that came to us in need of a new direction. They lacked identity and positioning – what they do and how they do it.

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“Teapot have been fantastic throughout our brand development and new website build, they have worked with us in a way that suited our business.”


Graphic Design.


They had noticed a common trend amongst their agents where they all used dull visuals and dry messaging across the same old marketing, whereas they were a little different. They don’t sell property, they market homes for owners.

We discovered through as series of brand workshops with key stakeholders that, for them, it was all about going that extra mile. Their local knowledge and relationships with their customers meant you could get a service unlike anywhere else.

This all needed to be highlighted at the forefront of their brand’s new identity and seen as a focal point of the information on their website.

After getting to know them, their purpose and their ethos, we were able to provide them with a contemporary and dynamic brand identity that gave them the tools to give the brand legs. We focussed messaging around the ‘&’ icon; a good place to hang their hat and help everybody in the business communicate their core messages.