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10 Great ways to connect with clients during Coronavirus lockdown.

Discover ten effective strategies to keep customer relationships strong during the Covid-19 crisis. Build the resilience of your brand in a way that will have a lasting positive impact – even when normality returns!

Many businesses are feeling the pinch as clients and employees grapple with the impact of the Coronavirus. While we may not be able to entirely mitigate the impact that this challenging period will have, there are lots of constructive ways that we can soften the blow! Decisive and positive action holds the power to turn adversity into opportunity. Follow these excellent tips on customer communication to transform your brand into a beacon of positivity that clients will gravitate towards.

1. Share your Coronavirus customer strategy.

In times of uncertainty, providing a sense of authority and reassurance is a strategy that will put your customers' minds at ease. Whether you are still seeing clients, but only by appointment – or are introducing new hygiene strategies to maintain their wellbeing, ensure your patrons know that you are making their safety a top priority.

2. Be honest about expectations.

Poor communication can leave a bitter aftertaste for clients. If projects are likely to be delayed, or locations closed, let your clients know in a timely manner. No customer wants to make a wasted journey or anticipate something that doesn't come to fruition. In contrast, when you share, you can collaborate towards the best possible outcomes!

3. Share what you're doing for employees.

When customers feel your brand is being transparent, it inspires greater trust. This is a powerful steppingstone on the road to brand loyalty, for which there is no detour! Share the ways that you are supporting your employees, and why you've made the choices that you have. By demonstrating empathy and authenticity, you will gain great respect from your customers.

4. Get involved in local initiatives.

Some businesses may find that there are local schemes that they can get involved in. Be it fundraising for local food banks, or volunteering to deliver medication to vulnerable members of the community. Demonstrating that you care about others will leave a lasting impression of the best kind. Clients who choose to support your cause will feel empowered in turn through positive participation.

5. Take into account the way clients' lives have changed.

Make the most of social media and email marketing during lockdown by providing extra content that is interesting, fun, or entertaining. By establishing your brand as worthy of attention while everyone is stuck at home, you can ensure that you remain relevant while life is on hold.

6. Connect with major clients using a gifting service.

If lockdown has left you no choice but to put substantial projects on hold, make a gesture of good faith to demonstrate your client commitment. Gift delivery services have rolled out effective no-contact delivery strategies that make gifting safe and simple. From sweet treats to wellness products, there are lots of ways that you could express how much you value your client's patience.

7. Give customers the chance to be heard.

While you cannot currently predict how long the Coronavirus crisis might last, you can make sure your customers feel seen and heard. A courtesy email or phone call extending regret over current disruptions, and letting clients know that you are there to support them, could be invaluable – especially for clients who are isolated during lockdown.

8. Use all of the channels of communication in your toolkit.

The ways that different customers receive information that you share can vary greatly. Research from LivePerson revealed that Millennials and Gen Z tend to prefer text-based communication over any other, while Gen X still prefer a more personal phone call. Similarly, different demographics favour different social media platforms. Consider adding a Coronavirus landing page on your website and directing all posts back towards it.

9. Share positive ideas and advice.

A proportion of your customers may be feeling more anxious than usual thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Become a positive presence that counteracts worrying news stories and stressful circumstances by sharing uplifting and constructive content and advice.

10. Provide promotions that can be redeemed qhen normality resumes.

While clients may not be able to purchase as usual during the current crisis, you can secure their custom once life gets its rhythm back. A special discount or reward that can be used down the road provides a personal touch and makes you the first port of call when your services are back up and running.

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