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the most popular eCommerce platform in the world

As of July 2023 WooCommerce is still by far and away the platform of choice with over 50% of all online stores favouring the platform.

It is a hugely versatile platform that turns WordPress into an online retail solution. We have a specialist team who design and build websites using WooCommerce achieving fantastic creative, fully functioning, eCommerce websites for many customers.

The platform will provide you with all the tools to run an online business successfully. Like WordPress It is expandable beyond the ‘out of the box’ installation with additional functionality provided by plug-ins or custom development work.

If you are searching for WooCommerce development services you’ve reached a very experienced, friendly bunch who are delighted to help no matter what you require.


woocommerce development services

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Design and build

Teapot Creative design and build great looking websites that have all of the functionality you require to run a successful online business. There are different ways to approach a design and build. For small sites with smaller budgets we can perhaps work with pre-designed templates to save money and time. For a site that should have a much more bespoke solution we can design and build something unique. For more complicated requirements we like to run a discovery phase which allows us to get under the bonnet of your business and use our experience to add to your own requirements. Looking at how we can impact the business beyond the website. Can we build an integration, can we design something that will help save extended business processes.

Store upgrades - enhanced functionality and efficiency

Sometimes there are no reasons to have a new site. There are those sites that just need continuous improvements. Tweaks to UX, a change of business direction but a good site that needs adapting and input from a team with a broad knowledge across departments to input. We can help you there as well. Staying ahead in the increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape is key to continued success. Whether you need custom features, integrations with third-party services, or performance optimisations, we have the expertise to take your online store to the next level.

Store migration - seamlessly move to WooCommerce

If you are currently using a different e-commerce platform but want to leverage the power of WooCommerce, we can seamlessly migrate your store across. We'll ensure a smooth transition from your existing platform to WooCommerce, preserving your data, search engine visibility, and customer history and experience along the way.

Site performance - speed up and optimise your store

Google’s core web vitals focuses on the health and speed of your site and this is a direct ranking factor. Slow-loading websites also lead to frustrated customers and lost sales. We can help optimise site performance, reducing loading times, and improving overall user experience. Don't let a sluggish store hinder your success.

Custom woocommerce plugins and integrations

Leverage our expertise in integrating 3rd party software and developing custom components for WordPress websites. Our skilled team of WordPress developers can enhance your site with various plugin types, including eCommerce, calendar and booking, custom forms, post types, news and RSS feeds, social feeds, third-party integrations, data reporting, SEO, and CRM integration. Trust us to optimise your website for a seamless and engaging user experience but also one that helps your business reach its goals on and off line.

WordPress support and maintenance

Say goodbye to any worries about your WordPress website; our dedicated support team is here to handle it all. We’ll keep your website updated, fix bugs and issues, help you grow the site with constant improvements, ensuring your website remains fit for purpose. We run a support desk that has our team triage any issues or requests and works to resolve them as quickly as we can.