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An inspiring digital presence promotes your business 24/7.

Your website is a critical touchpoint for consumer journeys, shaping perceptions and decisions. Teapot recognises this by championing authentic brand representation through sites that are aesthetic, accessible, fast and secure. This process prioritises collaborative decision-making and consumer analysis at every stage of design - rationalising each creative choice.

From dynamic brand-led experiences to high-performing eCommerce journeys, we are a reliable partner looking for a combination of creativity and functionality. With our passion for design and dedication to delivering outstanding results, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape and leave a lasting mark on their target audience.

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Simplicity and clarity are the keys to successful digital conversions.

User experience (UX)

The path to flawless user experience starts before any designs are made, with considered attention to the website’s goals, strategy and architecture. By understanding the relevant behaviours and preferences, we can develop accessible and user-friendly experiences that improve engagement, conversion and brand impression.

User interface (UI)

The organisation of visual and interactive elements on a page is dictated by specific goals and usually begins with simple wireframes, plotting out user journeys. Thanks to Teapot’s years of experience, we can create clean and intuitive interfaces that provide simple, pleasing movement through websites - enhancing user satisfaction, boosting productivity, and delivering a superior experience across your platform.

Information architecture.

Beyond the experience and interface that a user interacts with, it is also important to consider how the information itself is constructed. Information architecture involves organising and structuring content to allow for fluid navigation; anticipating logical hierarchy and clear pathways. This helps to foster a sense of coherence within a digital space and improve the chances of converting a user.


of first brand impressions are based on website design.


rate usability as the most important website feature.


seconds to create a brand opinion based on a website.

There are no boring products, only boring executions.

Immersive design and movement.

As consumers spend so much time online, contemporary digital design needs to place users within an interactive and engaging space. Immersive design and smooth transitions go a long way to creating a captivating online destination, whereas jarring or inconsistent design can be detrimental to the user journey. Whether you have access to existing animations and videos or need some created, we can seamlessly flow them into a website’s design.

Product animation.

Static images rarely do justice to a product’s finer details, but through the use of 3D animation, we can help consumers make decisions faster and more consistently. Our service showcases product functionality and standout features in stunning detail and by visually demonstrating how your products work, we engage and inspire potential customers.