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We develop beyond websites by connecting software, systems and devices.

With the prevalence of do-it-yourself website builders that restrict expansion and limit creativity, businesses are discovering the long-term benefits of instead choosing tailor-made digital experiences. Teapot is a growth partner, working to collaborate on scalable and specialised websites alongside clients - a team of developers utilising open-source platforms and cutting-edge code to develop custom features that cater to specific business needs.

Rather than outsourcing development overseas, where it can be difficult to manage large projects, we have built a formidable UK-based department of in-house coders. We have specialists in open-source platforms, front-end UI/UX, software engineering, and advanced integrations; thanks to our passion for quality code, we can quickly adapt to any new technologies thrown our way.

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Futureproofing digital experiences through creative code.


Our web development process follows a proven methodology, controlled by a Project Manager, and starts with a comprehensive discovery phase where we delve into goals and requirements. Then, once designers have created captivating layouts, skilled developers bring them to life in the theming and development phase. Rigorous QA and testing guarantee a perfectly operating website, followed by User Acceptance Testing for client approval. After a site is live, more testing ensures continued flawless operation.


Website performance optimisation can mean the difference between losing a sale through slow load times and winning clients because of a well-considered user journey. We work with you to fine-tune website speed, mobile responsiveness, and information architecture to name just a few. As well as making for a more enjoyable browsing experience this focus helps to boost search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, improve conversion rates and make for a more sustainable site.

6 hours

or more are spent online each day.


of internet use is mobile-based.

Only 6%

of people don't use the internet.

Version control and code management.

Thanks to meticulous attention to detail and a proven project tracking process, we can focus on accuracy and reliability through our use of the version control system GitLab. Teapot prioritises streamlined collaboration and code management, ensuring our websites are built on a solid foundation, and facilitating future updates, enhancements, and teamwork between our experts and clients.


Maintenance, support and training.

We have a dedicated support system offering ongoing website maintenance that responds to issues quickly and efficiently, but we go one step further. Every website Teapot produces takes advantage of custom-built bots that continuously monitor performance, updates and security - this means we can fix problems before clients even become aware of them. With our reliable support, clients can focus on running their business while trusting that their digital assets are well taken care of.

"We are a web development powerhouse, skillfully blending creativity and technical expertise to produce exceptional websites and bespoke online software. Recognising the paramount importance of a strong online presence, we specialise in crafting visually striking, user-friendly sites. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure businesses not only have a stellar website but also vital tools for attracting and engaging customers in today's digital-centric marketplace."

Dan OrchardDan, Senior Developer

Developing code, solutions and sustainable partnerships.

Digital architecture.

Our development team can utilise their varied software engineering skills to help clients streamline websites, but also other software, admin and business processes. We are able to create integrations between all sorts of third-party software APIs, build bridging software and even produce unique software solutions.

Coding languages.

While we have a strong technical ability in developing for platforms like WordPress, PrestaShop and Shopify, Teapot are forerunners in crafting bespoke solutions through the use of PHP, SQL, JavaScript libraries and Python.