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SiteGround are deprecating PHP 7.1.

SiteGround have recently published a blog about how they will be moving to PHP 7.4 and discontinuing support for older…

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The importance of backlinks: What they are and how they help your site.

When building and developing your website, you are going to be hearing the term SEO bounced around a lot. Short…

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10 Tips for reinventing your brand.

There are a host of different reasons why you may have decided that it is time to revamp your business.…

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As we move toward a future of collaboration and growth, Teapot embraces the essence of thought leadership. In the ever-changing, and ever-challenging, digital world it is increasingly important to share authenticity, empowerment, and influence.

We hope to foster genuine curiosity and a focus on passion and experience into our narrative, though insights that challenge the status quo, provoke creativity and nurture meaningful connections within our industry.

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The arrival of HPOS and why it’s great news for your WooCommerce store.

In its role as the crown-wearing champion among eCommerce software platforms globally, it's no surprise that WooCommerce continues to push…

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Prestashop 1.6 – How to add voucher codes and discounts to your store.

In this video I'm going to take you through the technique for applying cart rules and discount vouchers to your…

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What is outsourced marketing and what are the benefits?

In today's competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to gain a competitive edge. One strategy that has gained…

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Getting started with Google Search Console.

Getting started with Google Search Console can be overwhelming for beginners who are new to website optimisation and search engine…

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Will humans beat AI design tools?

Picture this: a human graphic designer walks into a bar, orders a drink, and starts to work on a brand…

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Migrating to GA4 and what you should know .

You may have heard about Google’s upcoming move from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Universal Analytics is…

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