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Brand Activation

Building connections and amplifying brand presence.

Brand activation services have become an integral part of modern marketing and advertising campaigns, taking the form of physical media or wholly digital events. The prevalence of activations stemmed from necessity - businesses committing bigger budgets to branding new products had to find new and interesting ways to get those products in front of people. An activation project naturally follows brand development work, so combining these two services helps to benefit more from the investment.

From pop-up stores and PR stunts to brand collaborations, the ease with which consumers can interact with businesses allows for exciting, scalable planning. By creating unique and memorable experiences, brand activations have the power to drive engagement, increase awareness and strengthen brand loyalty.

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Create emotionally engaging consumer interactions.

Campaign creative.

We work with clients of all sizes to launch brands, promote new products and drive important messaging in print and digital campaigns. It starts with understanding your goals, producing concepts for discussion and eventually designing the campaign deliverables - everything from impactful OOH to animated digital promotions and TV ads.

Environmental and experiential.

Teapot creates immersive and engaging physical spaces like trade show booths, seasonal attractions, and festival pop-ups; whether they are long-term structures or guerrilla marketing installations. We combine bold visuals, powerful copy, and spatial functionality to enhance visitor experiences, guide navigation, and communicate messages effectively within a given environment.

Digital interactions.

Web-based brand activation can be anything from a paid social campaign or digital 6-sheet to an influencer blog takeover or virtual reality concert. It’s easier than ever to connect to your valuable audience and find new believers - a product launch doesn’t stop at uploading it to your eCommerce site, you need to get it out into the world and in front of the people that matter.


of consumers feel positive about a brand after engagement.


believe experiential marketing creates more loyal advocates.


or marketers prioritise events over other forms of engagement.

In-store brand activation.

By making the most of existing retail spaces - both company-owned and concession - we can create additional opportunities to activate the brand through in-store promotions or events. Consumers can emotionally connect and physically interact with the brand in an easily accessed space, leading to increased foot traffic and reaction.

Valuable feedback.

A key stage in any brand activation service is analysing the resulting data gathered during the event to learn from its success and make decisions on the next steps. We can gather invaluable, measurable information on sales metrics and ROI as well as customer acquisition and engagement. Equally as important is the qualitative research, reflecting brand perception and loyalty, customer feedback and brand recall.

Product launches.

The development and launch of new products involve several teams from sales and support to marketing and events, however, experienced creative guidance is needed throughout. Teapot is experienced with working alongside clients of all sizes with product ideation, concept evolution and prototyping and eventually packaging design and brand campaign assets.