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Green web hosting services

Our Commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly web hosting.

At the heart of Teapot lies a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, with our headquarters located in the rolling fields of Somerset. Due to this dedication, our managed hosting solutions are underpinned by ISO 14001-certified, eco-friendly data centres, which operate on 100% renewable energy. This ensures that your servers and sites are powered in harmony with the environment.

Beyond energy sourcing, our innovative infrastructure boasts an impressive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.14, thanks to cutting-edge technologies and advanced energy-efficient systems.

Our dedication to a greener future is not limited to certifications and technology.; it’s an ethos we live by. The service has strategically adopted advanced cooling technologies and has put in place an Environmental Management Plan focused on sustainable practices. As you collaborate with us, know that you’re choosing not only quality and efficiency but also a partner deeply committed to nurturing our planet.

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Our green hosting services go beyond sustainability. 

Sustainable web hosting solutions.

With environmental impact at the forefront of business innovation and the prevalence of accreditations like B Corp, it’s more important than ever to balance quality digital experiences with climate responsibility. Our web hosting is not only reliable and powerful but also environmentally conscious due to being powered entirely by renewable sources, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

B Corp accreditation.

The increase in businesses seeking partnerships that have achieved B Corp accreditation means that a holistic approach to sustainability could increase profits. B Corp certifies that businesses meet high standards of social and environmental performance, as well as a commitment to ethical business practices. Considering impact at every level, including web hosting, improves the likelihood of achieving accreditation.


tonnes of CO2 is produced by the internet every year.


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What does impact mean to your work?

At Teapot, we are grounded in sustainability with environmental policies that prioritise waste reduction, recycling promotion, and the avoidance of non-essential travel. While our creative office promotes innovation and collaboration, hybrid working is a big part of who we are - it improves work-life balance for our team but also reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability.