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Our comprehensive range of services has been developed in collaboration with the team at PrestaShop to support and enhance the performance of this leading eCommerce platform. Whether you need assistance with designing and building a bespoke, elegant online store or require ongoing maintenance and support, Teapot is the best agency in the UK for the job.

With PrestaShop, you retain complete ownership of your online store and its data, emphasising that technology should enhance, not limit, your business. It boasts thousands of modules and themes, scaling your businesses seamlessly with dedicated support, resources, and services.

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Palm Equipment - gear for paddlers since 1979.
Palm Equipment - gear for paddlers since 1979.

PrestaShop development adapted to the growth of your business.

Design and build.

We begin with a collaborative creative process, understanding user journeys and topmising UX and UI to suit. Our highly skilled team of qualified PrestaShop developers focus on creating websites that not only captivate visitors but also ensure flawless functionality, seamless navigation, and optimal performance. Leveraging our expertise in PrestaShop's robust framework, we tailor each website to suit the unique requirements of our clients, incorporating advanced features, responsive layouts, and intuitive user interfaces.

Site upgrades.

Upgrading PrestaShop websites to the latest versions is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality and security as the continuous release of new versions ensures that PrestaShop remains reliable and efficient. By upgrading, website owners can benefit from improved performance, enhanced user experience, and access to the latest eCommerce trends. Regularly upgrading PrestaShop websites also helps protect sensitive customer information, prevents data breaches, and ensures compliance with evolving security standards.


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Multi-store expansion.

PrestaShop's multi-store facility enables you to sell products across multiple sites, catering to different markets while minimising store administration and business overheads. Multi-store environments are the perfect way of internationalising your site through multi-shop fronts in each country, multi-language and multi-currency functionality. This allows you to allow each shop to complement the local market and benefit from the focussed SEO localisation that this can bring.

Site performance.

A slow-loading website can severely impact your sales and erode customer trust in your brand. When correctly configured, PrestaShop is one of the fastest-loading open-source eCommerce platforms available. However, poor store configuration or an incorrect server environment can cause sluggish performance. Teapot specialises in resolving site performance issues to ensure your site delivers a lightning-fast experience, helping you attract and retain customers.

Creating bespoke solutions to optimise your eCommerce site.

Advanced integration.

Companies often need to use several software solutions to aid the day-to-day running of their digital business, such as account systems, warehouse management solutions or resource planning platforms. To help reduce time and inefficiencies Teapot can integrate your PrestaShop website into these systems ensuring data including stock levels, pricing and invoicing are synced regularly. We can create solutions to suit your needs whether there is an existing integration or a custom-built alternative is required.

Bespoke modules.

The PrestaShop add-on store has an impressive amount of off-the-shelf modules but as with all platforms, bespoke development is often needed. We build and supply custom modules in the store as well as for our clients - they allow us to infinitely extend the already extensive out-of-the-box functionality. This bespoke service also allows your business to stand out from the crowd; utilising industry-leading tech knowledge to give you the competitive edge.