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We’re passionate about PrestaShop and proud to be a Platinum partner and the largest accredited PrestaShop agency in the UK. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to support and enhance the performance of what we believe is one of the best eCommerce platform available. Whether you need assistance with designing and building a bespoke, elegant online store or require troubleshooting, ongoing maintenance, and support, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of PrestaShop eCommerce developers, digital designers, SEO specialists, and digital marketing experts are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. With all projects handled in-house, you can communicate directly with our account managers, designer, and developer working on your site.


Prestashop development services

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design and build

We specialise in crafting websites that exemplify technical excellence. With a highly skilled team of qualified Prestashop developers, supported by a diverse and integrated team comprising talented designers and digital marketers, we deliver exceptional website design and development solutions. Our focus lies in creating websites that not only captivate visitors but also ensure flawless functionality, seamless navigation, and optimal performance. Leveraging our expertise in PrestaShop's robust framework, we tailor each website to suit the unique requirements of our clients, incorporating advanced features, responsive layouts, and intuitive user interfaces. When we build your store, you can expect meticulous project management and full access to our project management system. This allows you to monitor the development progress, communicate directly with the development team, and provide resources such as website copy, images, and videos.

Site redesign - embrace change, enhance performance

The online landscape is ever-evolving, with trends and technologies continuously changing. However, you don't need to reinvent your online business every year. A PrestaShop theme refresh can breathe new life into a tired-looking store, keep your brand fresh, and enable you to leverage benefits such as responsive design, improved site speed, and structured data mark-up for search engine optimisation.

Site upgrade

Upgrading PrestaShop websites to the latest versions is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality and security. The continuous development and release of new versions ensure that PrestaShop remains reliable, efficient, and equipped with advanced features. By upgrading, website owners can benefit from improved performance, enhanced user experience, and access to the latest e-commerce trends. Additionally, staying up to date with PrestaShop versions is essential for security purposes. Updates often include patches for vulnerabilities, bug fixes, and strengthened defences against potential threats. Regularly upgrading PrestaShop websites helps protect sensitive customer information, prevents data breaches, and ensures compliance with evolving security standards. Overall, keeping PrestaShop sites up to date guarantees a smooth and secure online shopping experience for your clients.

Multi-Store - expanding your reach

PrestaShop's multi-store facility enables you to sell products across multiple sites, catering to different markets while minimising store administration and business overheads. At Teapot Creative, we specialise in creating and working with PrestaShop multi-store environments with one single Prestashop 'warehouse'. Whether you need simple advice or complete assistance throughout the process, we have the expertise to support your needs effectively. This is something that Shopify does not offer. Multi-store environments are the perfect way of internationalising your site through multi-shop fronts in each country, multi-language and multi-currency functionality. This allows you to bend each shop to the local market and benefit from the focussed SEO localisation that this can bring.

Bug fixing - keeping your store running smoothly

Even a minor bug in your PrestaShop installation, theme, or module can disrupt your business operations and hinder sales. Our PrestaShop accredited developers possess the expertise to quickly identify and resolve any issues you encounter. If you're facing problems of any kind, we are here to help you get back on track and focus on selling your products.

Site performance - accelerating your success

A slow-loading website can severely impact your sales and erode customer trust in your brand. When correctly configured, PrestaShop is one of the fastest-loading open-source eCommerce platforms available. However, poor store configuration or an incorrect server environment can cause sluggish performance. At Teapot Creative, we specialise in resolving site performance issues to ensure your site delivers a lightning-fast experience, helping you attract and retain customers.


It is often necessary for businesses to use a number of software solutions to aid the day to day running of the company. This can be account systems, warehouse management solutions or resource planning platforms. To help reduce time and inefficiencies we can integrate your PrestaShop website into these systems ensuring data such as stock levels, pricing and invoicing are synced regularly. We can work with all systems whether they have an existing integration or need a custom built solution. The development team are hugely experienced in creating solutions to suit.

PrestaShop bespoke module design and development

The PrestaShop add-on store has a reasonable amount of off the shelf solutions, however, it isn’t exhaustive so inevitably when requirements can’t be covered via the store you need to revert to something bespoke. We build and sell modules on the store but also build and supply custom solutions for our clients. Custom modules allow us to infinitely extend the already extensive out of the box functionality.