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Social media services

Creating online communities with valuable, engaging content.

Teapot’s tailored social media services will help you enhance your company’s reputation,  engage with your audience, and grow your community engagement. Convert customers into advocates, drive leads and sales, and improve your customer retention through Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

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"Effective management isn't just about posting; it's about understanding and leveraging each social network. That’s why we’re passionate about creating social media strategies which are then implemented across all your social platforms. Our approach covers every aspect, from deep hashtag research that taps into trending conversations to community management that cultivates a community among your audience. Resulting in increased brand awareness, followers and engagement, proving results that meets your goals."

Georgia HolmesGeorgia, Digital Marketing Executive

A successful social media presence stems from an authentic dialogue.

By researching your audience you can understand their interests and speak to them more authentically. Over 70% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a business on social media are likely to advocate for that brand to others. The impact your business makes online can affect how positively your brand will be viewed by consumers and nurturing this relationship can build a foundation of loyalty.


Social media strategy.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool, but it's important to have a strategy as this will help you define your goals, identify your target audience, choose the right platforms, create engaging content, and measure your results.

Social media management.

Running a business is time and resource consuming enough without the added pressure of maintaining social media accounts. Our social media team is on hand to ensure your social channels are always active and maintained; creating content for regular posts, engaging with your community and ensuring your brand stays ahead of the competition.

Content creation.

Social media captions can be written to correspond with information provided by you or as part of an agreed content plan, creating detailed and engaging copy that draws in both previous and new customers. To complement this text, we can produce attention-grabbing creative visuals based on brand tone and style, whether that be photography, illustration or AI-generated content.

2 hours

or more hours spent on social media every day.


of consumers use social media in some form.


increase in followers in the first month for some clients.

Content planning.

It has been proven that if a project has a clear strategy and defined goals, success rates will increase; Teapot will work with you to create a tailored content plan specifically for your chosen social media channels that will work the best for your industry and your online community of followers. Content plans, created by our social media experts, are used to design the best course of action to reach your target audiences on each of your social channels.

Reporting and analysis.

Understanding the impact of your social media efforts is crucial for making informed decisions and through our comprehensive reporting and analysis services you will be provided with valuable insights into the performance of your social media campaigns. By tracking key metrics such as engagement rates, reach, click-through rates, and conversions we can assess the effectiveness of your content and determine areas for improvement; allowing you to refine your social media campaign for maximum results.

Futureproof your brand with long-term consumer loyalty.

Cross-channel promotion.

To reach your niche audience, you need to optimise your content for each social media platform. We will help you create integrated campaigns that connect your social media accounts with other marketing channels. This will ensure that your brand message is consistently communicated across different platforms, driving engagement and converting potential customers into loyal brand advocates.


Social media audits.

We conduct social media audits to help you understand your digital presence and assess your content, audience, and engagement, and compare you to your competitors. After that, we can provide actionable recommendations to help you optimise your social media profiles and content strategy.

Paid social advertising.

Through our paid ads service, we will bridge the gap between your brand and your online audience, allowing you to authentically connect with them and nurture meaningful relationships that drive business growth. We will create a tailored strategy that resonates with your target audience, expanding your reach and attracting a steady stream of new leads.

Social media training.

Delve deep into everything social media, from strategy and content creation to community building and analytics, in comprehensive virtual or in-person training led by one of our own social media experts. We cater for all abilities, ensuring you are well-equipped to incorporate your new-found skills into your situation.