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Household names from the extraordinary to the day-to-day.

Teapot is a creatively focused, digitally driven integrated agency that values the ability to adapt - evolving, collaborating and growing with people who inspire and challenge us. We create solutions that challenge seemingly simple briefs and give complex ones room to breathe, approaching every project with a “yes, and…” mentality. Each new client brings more challenges, of all shapes and sizes, and more opportunities to provide engaging, inventive and performance-driven results.

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Meaningful digital experiences; from start-ups to blue-chips.

Digital and printed.

An increasingly mobile audience means that long-form publications like product brochures, annual reports and school prospectuses must now be created with print and digital applications in mind. Teapot can advise and design in a way that targets your audience and ensures the best user experience possible.

Marketing and campaign.

Teapot specialises in creating engaging marketing materials uniquely tailored to your brand and target audience - from the concept of a hook to creating individual ad artwork. Our tried and tested approach to producing campaign collateral is built to resonate seamlessly across traditional media, out-of-home (OOH), and digital channels. Whether for an industry magazine or a national campaign, our expertise lies in developing ads that capture attention and establish a meaningful connection with your audience.

Video and animation.

Video content allows for more dynamic storytelling than static images alone and is proven to lead to increased engagement and a more immersive experience for audiences. From infographic explainers to engaging social media posts and exciting logo reveals, Teapot produces video content and animations that place your brand well beyond the competition. Even subtle movement can position your comms above competitors by grabbing the attention of passers by and driving them to make an action.

3D and motion.

Businesses can allow their products to transcend the limitations of static product shots by taking advantage of 3D animation - we can create captivating visuals that spark curiosity and showcase intricate details that might be the reason consumers choose your products. It not only creates a more memorable brand experience but increases the likelihood of returning customers by forging a deeper connection with the brand.

Packaging concept, construction and design.

Our award-winning packaging design services are notable not only for the end product but also for the wealth of experience and knowledge that we bring to every stage of the process. From establishing a strong identity across a range, while ensuring each product shines on its own, to advising on innovative and sustainable packaging construction techniques; we have spent years working alongside household names to create their next big hit.

"Great branded assets are like a brand's secret language; speaking volumes about who the business is without saying a word. They're not just pretty visuals; they're the heartbeat of a company, forging connections and leaving a lasting imprint in people's minds in today's crowded market. When done right, these assets aren't just attention-grabbers; they're relationship builders which foster trust, credibility, and a bond that keeps people coming back for more."

Lizzie GinbeyLizzie, Director

We are experts in breathing life into digital brands.

Environmental and experiential.

Innovative products and services come as standard at Teapot, but we go a step further in helping to raise your brand above the noise by creating physical and digital spaces that audiences can be inspired by. We consider every aspect of the user experience through a collaborative on-site process to achieve strategic objectives; whether you need signage for your headquarters, livery for your fleet of vehicles or a memorable event stand.

Social media resources.

Thanks to our in-house team of digital marketing and social media experts, Teapot creates social media posts that reflect your brand and appeal to your audience. Based on the social media platform and performance targets, we can produce photographic, illustrative or typographic images as well as video content. We can combine this our social media services to ensure your posts are targeted and converting.