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Brand development

A decade of building brands from startups to household names.

A versatile and confident digital brand is vital for companies to communicate with their audience by providing dynamic spaces that enable them to engage and capture attention. A clear mission and purpose are key to a successful brand, forming the basis for a strategic framework encompassing value proposition, tone of voice, and visual identity. This framework serves as the platform for effective messaging, brand expression, and content strategy.

The long-term advantages of a stretchy brand can be seen through a seamless customer experience, brand loyalty, consistent UI design systems, impactful online marketing, and compelling social content. Teapot has over a decade of experience in constructing brands for startups and established global entities alike.

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A well-crafted brand sells far more than a good product alone.

Brand and visual identity.

Branding is how people perceive your business in a world where they are overwhelmed with choice; they no longer solely buy products or services and instead want to buy brands that have experiences, values, and stories that tap into their emotions. To build an established brand, you need to stand out online with a strong personality behind bold visuals that people can connect with, building long-term brand loyalty.

Brand positioning.

Your brand positioning is the act of designing a company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of your target market. By defining a brand's unique position in the market, we can differentiate the brand from its competitors and influence consumer perception and decision-making.

Tone of voice.

Creating a distinct tone of voice is key to developing trust and creating a lasting impression on your audience. Through collaboration with your team of key stakeholders, we'll develop a tone that deeply connects with your customers, motivating them to take meaningful action.


As the written expression of a brand's identity and values, messaging shapes how a business communicates with its audience. It is crucial for establishing brand consistency, building lasting connections and conveying a clear and compelling brand identity across all communication channels.

Compelling visual storytelling is a powerful brand tool.

Brand experience.

This describes the holistic impact a brand has on its audience, extending beyond brand visuals to include every physical and digital touchpoint, to shape consumer perceptions. It delves into multiple areas including printed collateral, packaging, digital experiences and brand activation. Brand experience forges memorable interactions, building long-term relationships with consumers.

Brand guidelines.

Consistency is key to building a strong brand identity as it makes it easier for customers to understand who you are and what you represent, leading to increased brand awareness, loyalty, and sales. We can produce brand guidelines for internal use or for sending out to suppliers, explaining how various brand elements – colour and font palettes, voice and tone, etc – can be used to their full potential.


of consumers say that brand authenticity is key.


revenue growth can come from brand consistency.


of consumers have taken an action basd on a brand's actions.

Brand workshops.

You need a well-crafted plan, aligning your brand's essence and goals with audience expectations - a roadmap for consistent messaging, visuals, and experiences that resonate deeply and let your brand do the hard work. Building a well-rounded identity that a business can get behind often involves a whole team, especially if you want to ensure employee buy-in. We hold brand workshops with internal stakeholders to ensure we’re educating and gathering all the information we need to make creative decisions.

Brand assets.

Having worked together to create authentic brand and visual identities, we can begin generating new branded assets in either a controlled rollout or a single, impactful launch. This could include materials for marketing campaigns, explainer videos, event spaces, packaging, or anything else your brand needs to connect with its audience. A well developed brand and visual identity lead to more interesting branded assets.