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Is print design still relevant? 

The answer is simple - Yes. But just to make it clearer for you, we have defined and explained the top reasons for why we think this:

Brand identity.

Creating and maintaining a brand can only be achieved with a strong brand identity which is recognisable and established. Having clear brand guidelines that mean you continually use the same font, colours, types of imagery and paper stock creates continuity that solidifies the brand's identity. All of which is ingrained within print design as a reflex.

Having a multitude of options to market your company, or product, solidifies your brand identity and builds brand recognition. The wider the avenues for your brand to be seen, the more recognisable it inevitably becomes.

Portable and tangible.

Having printed assets provides you with a physical and tangible thing to have and hold, to touch and explore and gives you no choice but to look and read what it has to say. This makes them completely different in effect from their digital counterpart (an e-newsletter) which can be sent into the bin without a second thought or even a cursory glance.

When you design a visually captivating and pleasing piece of print, it can then become desirable enough to be kept as a token for days, weeks or potentially even longer - leaving your branding in focus with plenty of opportunity to be engaged with.

In today's society, many brands rely solely upon digital marketing. This then leaves the advantage to those who are confident enough to carry out both digital and physical marketing or to just focus upon executing the perfect print-design campaign. Those who have been short-sighted and relied solely on the use of the internet to promote their brands have left the runway clear for your brand to take flight - make sure you use this to your advantage.

Audience engagement.

We live in a world where we are so used to scrolling through our phones that we also scroll through websites within seconds. So, taking the time to stop and read printed information becomes less typical. It then sticks out within our memory when we actually do. Be it leaflets, posters or postcards, we are more likely to spend time enjoying and digesting them in a physical form as we process them through more senses and take that additional time to do so.

Picking the right times to send these assets out can also be beneficial. For example, sending out seasonal discounts and offers can peak your audience's interest and can encourage them back to your brand, making them more likely to purchase from you and boost customer loyalty. Capturing your target audience's attention this way can mean that you are able to amp up their engagement levels overall with your brand and help you to stand out from the crowd within their memory.

Neverending opportunities.

The only limit when it comes to print design is your imagination. From the shape, to the size and then to the type of material itself, you can make it uniquely designed to your brand and business. This is all before you even consider where it is going and how you distribute it to your target audience(s). You have the opportunity to adapt and evolve it to be exactly what you want and to fit your consumers needs. The possibilities are endless.

Not only are bespoke print designs a great option for marketing, but the limitless opportunity behind these assets make it easier to stand out from the crowd and create lasting impressions. Escape the everyday of receiving what can feel like endless emails and digital ads when, instead, you can be sending out perfectly crafted and personalised pieces of marketing art that are more likely to catch attention and deliver a positive impression. You can make your audience feel connected to you, which is a crucial aspect to customer relations.

Integration is key.

A crucial element to any successful marketing campaign is through taking a fully integrated approach. Using a multitude of different channels of communications to their full effect can help to push your campaign to new levels that it couldn't reach by only using one. A well planned and executed campaign works best when it incorporates a mixture of approaches and deliverables that are both online and off. This process permits you to tap into a broader range of existing and new prospective clients' consciousness through different senses and ways.

Your branding creates a lasting visual impression and emotional connection with your audience. This means that a great design can be the reason behind when people do or do not buy from you or work with you. At Teapot Creative we love print design, be it for marketing purposes, signage or packaging. Our team can visualise your product and ideas to create something tangible and on point to ensure that your customers can’t resist that purchase.

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