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PrestaShop 1.6 global variables. 

Here are some global variables that can be useful when developing on your PrestaShop 1.6 site.
$base_dir (root folder of your shop)
$base_dir_ssl (root folder of your shop using HTTPS protocol)
$content_dir (root folder of your shop depending on the SSL settings)
$img_ps_dir (root folder containing images "/img/")
$img_dir (images folder in your current theme directory)
$css_dir (css folder inside the current theme folder)
$js_dir (JavaScript inside the theme folder)
$tpl_dir (theme root folder)
$modules_dir (modules root folder)
$mail_dir (mail templates root folder)
$lang_iso (current language ISO code)
$come_from (previous page address [absolute])
$shop_name (your specified shop name)
$cart (shopping cart contents)
$currencies (pulls available currencies)
$id_currency_cookie (selected currency id [cookie dependent])
$currency (active currency)
$cookie (active cookie)
$languages (grabs available languages)
$logged (checks whether users is logged in)
$page_name (current page's name)
$customerName (customer name [session dependent])
$priceDisplay (current price display settings [currency dependent])

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