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SiteGround are deprecating PHP 7.1. 

SiteGround have recently published a blog about how they will be moving to PHP 7.4 and discontinuing support for older versions by the end of 2021. What is PHP and what does this mean for Prestashop 1.6 websites?

What is php?

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor as it is also known is a hugely popular open-source scripting language used by website developers for putting dynamic content on webpages and processing data. Just like websites, there are different versions of PHP and compatibility is a thing. We’ve made a handy little chart to show which versions of PHP are compatible with each version of Prestashop:


What can I do?

Well, there are a couple of options: you can either upgrade your Prestashop 1.6 to a 1.7 website (which is highly recommended by Siteground), or you could look into hosting your website with us as we have no plans to discontinue the older versions!

Upgrading your website from 1.6 to 1.7 is of course, an ideal method as older versions of websites can lose functionality and updates over time but here at Teapot, we recognise that not every business has the budget for this as it typically involves a rebuild (especially if you have customised functionality and additional modules).

What would happen if I did nothing?

SiteGround has advised us that “If you do not plan on upgrading the Prestashop version of your website, once the PHP 7.1 is removed from the server, our solutions might not work for your website”. Now that’s not to say that you will definitely have a problem, but it does imply that the outcome is unknown.

We know for a fact that Prestashop 1.6 was never designed to work with anything higher than PHP 7.1. So based on this fact alone, there is a strong possibility that any website using Prestashop 1.6 and being hosted by SiteGround; will break once these versions of PHP have been removed from their server, and this is definitely not a risk that any business wants to be taking.

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