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Why our hosting costs a little more: What do you get for your money?

These days, if you do anything on the web, there's a good chance you'll be bombarded by adverts for cheap website hosting. While the idea of something for next-to-nothing can seem tempting, it's important to remember that what appears as too good to be true usually is.

For businesses with an online presence, getting a great website going is likely one of the most vital investments to make. That site is your digital ambassador - it connects you to your customers, forges their first impression, and helps them to buy your products or services. With all of that in mind, we always recommend that clients choose to build their website on a solid foundation. One that has performance, safety, and satisfaction baked in.

To make this quest easier, Teapot Creative offer a comprehensive hosting service that ensures the standards that we would look for in a host provider, and our standards are high! Read on to discover why it's worth paying a little more for a high-quality service.

A more personal hosting service.

Don't you just hate it when you finally get hold of a human being, and they don't have the power or know-how to deliver the solution you need? Tech support for Teapot Creative web hosting doesn't come to you from a call centre, it's actually provided by the Teapot Creative team! When you need our help, you'll be dealing with true digital experts.

Not only does this mean gold-standard support, but it also means on-hand assistance from professionals who speak the same language as you and your in-house web developers, ensuring that the fastest route from here to where you want to be is always at your fingertips. Prepare to experience expert support from an award-winning UK company, providing fully scalable hosting solutions out of a UK server centre.

A bouncy backup safety net.

Here at Teapot Creative, we've heard so many horror stories from businesses who opted for cheap hosting, assumed that a strong backup system was in place, and then lost their whole site when something went wrong. When dealing with cheap hosting providers, the fine print can be loaded with land mines. Even if backups are offered, they may not be automatic, and therefore risk giving you the impression that you've got a safety net when in fact you don't.

Even on our most basic web hosting plan, we will back up your site 4x daily and retain each back up for two weeks. So, if things go sideways and something breaks on your site, you can roll it back as if nothing happened in a jiffy. What's more, if you reach out to us for additional help with periodic website updates, backups and testing are always included in those services too. Consider Teapot Creative a one-stop shop for keeping your site top-notch and risk-free.

Skipping the cookie-cutter approach.

Not all sites are created equally, and not all sites require the same hosting framework. A brochure site's needs are going to be totally different from a vast eCommerce site in terms of storage, bandwidth, and security. Depending on the scale of your website and audience, and whether you'll be handling transactions or private data, we will guide you to an optimally secure hosting solution.

Will a basic SSL certificate cut the mustard, or do your secure data needs call for an upgrade? Would your website's crawl speed benefit from a boost, ensuring that all your products are successfully seen by Google, and then the world? We can ask and answer these technical questions so you don't need to.

Providing peace of mind on security.

When you buy cheap hosting, there's no way of knowing what else is lurking on the web server that your site will call home. Did you know that the security rating of other websites found at the same IP address can impact your own site's security rating, potentially triggering a danger flag or even blacklisting from Google? Choosing trusted hosting from Teapot Creative means enjoying a home on a UK server that has no dark corners. We also offer unique IP addresses as standard with our WordPress hosting and can provide them for all other sites.

We mentioned scalability, and that goes for security too. If your business's online activity warrants beefed-up security monitoring, then Teapot Creative has your back. We can advise on how to increase and optimise your site's protection, allowing your brand to feel armour-plated as it blossoms and grows.

All the benefits of speedy hosting.

Cheap hosting is notorious for sluggish site load situations, and that can mean a big dent in your bottom line. It's no secret that today's consumers are used to things happening quickly. In fact, research from Google tells us that for every second longer that your site load speed gets, you can expect a leap in bounce rate, which is the probability that someone will hit the back button, and simply look elsewhere.

It's easy for a cheap hosting service to throw the word “fast” around in their advertising, but you usually can't find any actual assurances on what you'd be buying. With Teapot Creative, you will know the exact bandwidth specs you're working with and have the opportunity to scale up whenever you want to. Speed matters, so choose a web host that can help your site fly like Superman.

Transparent pricing.

One of the sneakiest tricks of cheap web hosting providers is luring new clients with a cheap-as-chips promotional price, before locking them in to far higher rates when their hosting plan auto-renews. At Teapot, our pricing is straight-forward and transparent.

That means no hidden fees or cheeky fine print to catch you out. Our team spend their lives bringing brilliant and beautiful websites to life, so we understand what makes web hosting truly tick every box.

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