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Why use Mailchimp?

Why use Mailchimp email newsletters?

Email marketing is an excellent way to learn more about what your customers like and gain insight into their habits; enabling you to build your brand and engage more successfully with your audience.

The design of your email is important.

Mailchimp boasts some incredible design tools that will help you to look highly professional, even when you are just starting out. There is a handy drag-and drop email designer which makes it so easy to change your content around, plus pre-formatted layouts to help you create an email that will bring your brand to life. You can store all of your images and files in Mailchimp’s content manager making it convenient to find and access the items you need for your campaigns. A built-in photo editor enables you to edit and resize your images within Mailchimp, so there is no need to invest in any expensive editing programmes.

If you are short on time or ideas – the team here at Teapot Creative can also design and build you a bespoke newsletter to help you stand out from the crowd, showcasing your unique style and brand voice. We have a team dedicated to helping you maximise the success of your email campaigns..Seeing a return on your investment.

Mailchimp offers excellent value for money in comparison to other marketing channels such as traditional paper adverts or expensive social media marketing campaigns. Studies show that email offers the highest return on your marketing investment.

Even if you have a bespoke designed newsletter built for you, this would typically only equate to the equivalent cost of one magazine advert, whereas a bespoke newsletter template can be used again at no additional cost.

Let Mailchimp do the work for you.

Once you have set up your email automations, Mailchimp does the work for you. You can set up a welcome series for new subscribers or a reminder email that is triggered when people leave un-purchased items behind in their online cart.

Learn more about your audience.

Do you need to know more about what’s working and what’s not? It’s super easy with Mailchimp and it is already part of your Mailchimp account. You can keep track of your open rates, clicks, and segment data using the built-in analytics tools.

Connect your eCommerce shop.

Connect your online store to Mailchimp to send your customers emails with tailored product recommendations – based on products they loved and purchased before.

On the go.

You can create and send emails from anywhere with the Mailchimp mobile app. You can also create and edit an email marketing campaign anytime, anywhere. The Mailchimp templates are fully responsive and designed to look great on any mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Share your email.

Get more exposure on your emails by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Mailchimp makes it easy to create posts for each of your social media platforms using the email builder. Simply add a photo and write your copy, then you can automatically share your post once you send your email.

Above average.

Mailchimp inbox acceptance rates are 96-99%. That’s well above the industry standard. While you’re working hard to promote your message, Mailchimp are working hard on the technical stuff to keep your campaigns out of the spam! This technology is always at work in the background, analysing emails and processing new data to help ensure that your emails are read by the right people.

To find out more about the Mailchimp services we offer, please take a look at our Mailchimp page.

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