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The STIR programme 

The future of sustainable growth partnerships. 

STIR is a dynamic marketing accelerator that uses a cyclical process to continually enhance your campaigns across various channels. Whether targeting multiple channels like SEO, paid media, and social media, or focusing on a specific platform like TikTok, STIR adapts to your unique needs.

Start with a minimum six-month commitment, allowing you to see tangible growth and make informed decisions about continuing the journey. Throughout the process, we maintain open and regular dialogue, ensuring all strategies are aligned with your objectives and adapting as needed.

How the process works.

STIR revolves around four phases.

We begin with a discovery phase, diving into your business to understand your goals and current market position. Understanding the sector and your audience is also crucial. This phase is crucial for setting up a tailored strategy. Following the discovery we will have enough information to build a marketing strategy for your brand.

Phase 1. Strategise.

We start by talking about goals and plans with you, setting clear targets and ways to measure success. Together, we figure out what needs to be done and agree on a plan to do it. This sets the stage for our next steps.

Phase 2. Task.

We make a list of what needs to get done based on our plan, including tasks for both us and the client. We break down these tasks, assign them to the right people on our team, and schedule them to be completed on time.

Phase 3. Implement.

Next, our team gets to work on doing the tasks we’ve planned out. This might involve working on one platform or several, depending on what we’ve decided. This step is really important because it’s where we turn our plans into real outcomes.

Phase 4. Report.

After each round of work, we test everything carefully and analyse the results. Then, we put together a detailed report focusing on the goals we set at the beginning. We go over this report with you to make sure we’re on the same page and know what to do next.

After finishing these four phases, we start again, focusing on new strategic goals, taking action accordingly, and checking our progress against our targets. This ongoing process helps us constantly improve and adjust our marketing strategies to match your brand’s growth plans.

Find the right fit for your business needs.


From £1,200 pcm.
  • Gentle growth strategies
  • Focus on incremental improvements
  • Multi or single-channel marketing
  • Strategy alignment and communication
  • Monthly strategy/reporting meeting
  • Minimum 6-month commitment


From £2,200 pcm.
  • Accelerated growth strategies
  • Broad strategy across multiple channels
  • Identify specific, high-value opportunities
  • Analytics and optimisation
  • Regular strategy alignment and communication
  • Monthly strategy/reporting meeting
  • Minimum 6-month commitment


From £3,500 pcm.
  • Ambitious growth strategies
  • Market leadership guidance
  • Targeted strategy across omnichannel approach
  • Comprehensive marketing overhaul
  • Maximum impact and innovation
  • In depth analytics and optimisation
  • Frequent strategy alignment and communication
  • Minimum 6-month commitment

The channels that we cover through the STIR programme.

SEO. Everything from metadata optimisation to link building.

Paid media. Includes Google Ads, Shopping and paid social media across all platforms.

Social media. Management across major platforms.
Email marketing. Campaign management and execution using tools like Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

Offline channels. This might include leaflet drops, print or media advertising, OOH or trade shows.

Your next steps.

Choose your tier.

Select the tier that aligns with your growth ambitions and budget.

Engage with us.

Begin the Discovery phase to set your tailored strategy. Start your growth journey. Implement the STIR cycle and see your business thrive.

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