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The online store needed to reflect modern site technology and create a smooth user experience, whilst providing the clients with a great content management system and back end to work from. More than anything, though, site also needed to capture the essence of Terry Pratchett’s world and present each visitor with a modern Ankh Morpork shopping experience.

We set about crafting a custom built theme that fully encapsulates the tone, with carefully selected font choices and colour palette. The typical eCommerce experience was augmented with a little touch of magic to bring the literature to life. Throughout the site, we have used a lot of the original Discworld artwork to create something truly bespoke.

"Thank you for creating a beautiful website for our niche literary shop!"

Ian Mitchell, Managing Director

Ian Mitchell, Managing Director

Discworld Emporium

Never ordinary.

Proud purveyors of merchandise and finery from Terry Pratchett's Discworld

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