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Exmoor Distillery brought us aboard to help create compelling messaging and quality packaging for their brand new rum. We crafted the story that sits on the back of the bottle to entice existing rum aficionados and curious browsers alike – weaving the bottle into the history of the world-famous moors.

As part of this project, we utilised an existing painting of the iconic Exmoor Distillery stag against a full moon; creating an atmospheric outer tube and duplex label. This double-sided label on the reverse of the bottle means that you can see the stag from the front, through the rum itself.

"Luke was very helpful in explaining the process involved with a specific image that we had in mind. It was a complex process that Luke assisted throughout and kept us updated and delivered exactly what was required. Every step was discussed in great detail to ensure the project was a success."

Ben Strong, Operations Manager

Ben Strong, Operations Manager

Exmoor Distillery

Every drop's authentic.

The tradition of rum in Exmoor involves stories of treasure and mystery.

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