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Golden Hooves 

pioneering approach to farming that's helping to protect our planet. 

Regenerative farming prioritises soil health and biodiversity, employing practices that mimic natural ecosystems. It promotes sustainable agriculture and long-term environmental sustainability. It also produces some great cheese. These products are currently sold in farm shops, so the packaging needed to sit comfortably in a rural setting while still shouting about the brand’s mission.

To complement this packaging and educate the public, we launched a range of comms that would win over converts to the cause. OOH campaigns, tradeshow stands, and even a giant (fully recyclable) golden hoof – we got the message out there. This also included adapting a well-known icon of rebellion, the anarchy symbol, and repurposing it into a cow’s head.

"We felt a true two-way flow of communication throughout the process and ended up with a design that we are proud of and is now flying off the shelves."

Leona McDonald, Business Unit Director

Leona McDonald, Business Unit Director

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